The AI-Powered Data Catalog

(Re)discover your most valuable data content

Empower Your Analysts

Support your analysts with a unique discoverability solution that upskills your team and reinforces your best practices.

Break down barriers to productivity and let your data team become a revenue driver for your business.

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Natural Language Search for Your Warehouse

Complicated warehouses and distributed ownership of data products can obscure valuable resources. With Valquery you can surface the right tables no matter who created them.

Leverage Your Development Artifacts

You already write code comments, commit messages, tickets, and chat with your teammates. Let those resources power your search and avoid spending time writing docs for every project.

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The right content, every time

With a quick glance at the References, sample rows, and data profiling stats, users can achieve confidence they are building on the right resource faster than ever before.

Declare Policies in natural language and Valquery will surface them to the user only when they are relevant to the user's project. Reinforce your team's best practices contextually with every interaction.

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Security by Design

Valquery respects the visibility rules you set in your warehouse and dev tools, ensuring analysts have access to only those resources they are allowed without creating another set of access rules to manage.

Keep your data securely where it belongs: in your warehouse. Valquery does not access or store any table content, we connect only to metadata and your code history.

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